1st SI B.A.S.S Winner - Tammy!

It is our privilege to announce the SI B.A.S.S. award winner... Tammy!


We have announced a new award to recognize team members who embody the SI Core Values and go above and beyond. We are calling it the SI B.A.S.S. Award. It can stand for “Bad A$$ Super Star” or maybe “Basically Awesome Solution Supplier.” The options are endless. We also have a super cool bass fish that swims through the air to announce the winner each month.

Our January B.A.S.S. Award winner is Tammy! Tammy's nominator said, "On top of her normal responsibilities as the wiADVISOR Install Lead, Tammy has taken on working in the MDN build area to make sure that the team is organized and efficient. She has consistently worked on making changes to help improve processes and has owned the responsibility of making sure equipment gets out quickly and correct. Tammy has received nothing but positive feedback on her contributions." Tammy is a wiADVISOR Help Desk Agent - Level 1 and has been with SolvIT since 2014. Thank you for all your hard work and for being such an asset to the SolvIT team

Each quarter, we will showcase our B.A.S.S. Award winners. Stay tuned!

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