How NGINX Plus Helps SolvIT Deliver High Performance in the Cloud

Patrick Synor, Manager of Cloud Architecture at SolvIT, presented a webinar explaining how NGINX Plus helps SolvIT deliver high performance, reduce costs, and achieve high security.

Our SI Core Values are important to us and are crucial to our everyday decision-making process. "We strive to be change leaders and revolutionaries." This is one of SolvIT’s most important core values especially when it comes to the tech industry. We are consistently looking for ways to improve efficiencies by utilizing technology. 

Since 2016, we have worked with the team at NGINX and have since built a strong working relationship that has led to several opportunities to highlight our organization and use cases for their products. In September 2017, our very own Pat Synor was provided the opportunity to speak at their annual conference which was then followed by a case study on SolvIT and the use of NGINX products to help solve some technical challenges of our own.

On March 6th, 2019, Pat Synor was interviewed by NGINX via a live webinar where he spoke on SolvIT as a whole, the tech challenges we have faced, and how NGINX has impacted our business and improved efficiencies. This was a very exciting opportunity for SolvIT! It's great exposure for our team and allows us to further build relationships. 

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