SolvIT Shirt Giveaway

Our team designed a shirt that represents SolvIT and gifted them to team members! Read more about the story behind the shirts.

One day, SolvIT CEO, Paul Miner, had a great idea to design our own shirt and give them to team members just for fun! The design of the shirt was inspired by the ideas and creativity of many team members.

 "We have so many different teams with different responsibilities and skills at SolvIT. I wanted to provide a fun and unique shirt that embodied our company as a whole. I hope our team members are excited to wear them!" - Paul Miner

So we did just that. Our team designed a shirt that represents SolvIT!

The front of the shirt is a cloud, playing off the idea that in the technology industry, everything is stored in the cloud now. Within the cloud, it says "A Cloud Molecule" with common acronyms such as PuTTY, HTML, UI, VPN, and more. On the back of the shirt, it says "Discovered by SolvIT laboratories" with our logo.

We look forward to seeing our team show off their shirts around the office!

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