Technical Support Help Desk Remodel

Our technical support help desks got their space updated and renovated!

Over the course of a few weeks, our help desk space was completely remodeled. Some improvements included:

  • New carpet
  • New walls and fresh paint
  • Fun decor
  • A common room with a chalkboard wall that can be used for meetings or comfortable seating and games to be used during work breaks

The purpose of the remodel was to provide a collaborative, more modern, and inspiring space for our combined help desks. "I think the biggest benefit of the new remodel is both help desks being close together again. It's valuable to have each team within the same area in order for the teams to work well together." - Aaryn M., Help Desk Agent

We hope our teams enjoy the new space and we can't wait to see it get used to its fullest potential!


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